Custom Work

The best part about this wonderful adventure is getting to bring someone’s idea to life! Working with a daughter to build a wallet for her father or pulling out all the stops for a cowboy on a fully beaded and custom painted smoke show of a belt. I create with intention and care. I build pieces with the hopes and expectation they will become heirlooms passed down through time.

Here’s how it works:
You reach out and share your idea of what it is you’re thinking of having buil. Then, we work together to get a design decided on. This includes font, colors and pattern of beads and carving, dye & paint colors, thread colors and all the rest.

Here comes the money talk. You have two options – you can pay all upfront or pay half upfront and then pay the remaining half before your custom item ships. What happens when things go south, because they somtimes do? If you have to cancel the order after paying the first half, I retain it to cover my costs of materials and time (this is only if the ½ upfront, ½ later choice is made on payment). There are no refunds on custom work.

How long does it take?
Often the next question and, honestly, the answer is it depends. The creative process takes time and often includes multiple iterations. A good guideline is that any custom work takes a minimum of 6 weeks. This includes shipping time for materials and sourcing specific tools that might be needed. Then comes the time it takes for the build. So keep in mind when ordering custom work, as a gift or up against a time crunch, that a lead time of 8-10 weeks is often needed. Rush orders are possible but will come at a significantly increased cost.

My promise to you…
These pieces are made to last, so in the event that something pops, or loosens where it shouldn’t then send that stuff back! I’ll repair and recondition everything I make for as long as I’m at this fantastic endeavor, and will even restore pieces you have at home.

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